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The future of antifouling

There are several methods of antifouling a boat, not all of them equally effective. It’s not hard to find differences and advantages of various solutions, as well as it’s possible to imagine the future of boat antifouling. Already there are modern variants of older techniques and innovative solutions like electronic antifouling. Every boat owner would surely prefer to have a simple and efficient system for low price. But you can’t expect one size to fit all – even the most advanced modern solutions have their drawbacks that have to be considered before choosing your antifouling system.

Ultrasonic antifouling

Ultrasonic technology is the leading solution among the electronic antifouling systems. It is also the most developed, tried-and-true option that has its origins in the military. The effects of ultrasonic transducers were coincidentally found to affect the growth of marine life and other fouling around the submarines’ sonars. With further exploration and development, ultrasonic antifouling found a considerable success in commercial application as well. It is used on different kinds of boats and yachts, it works best on metal and plastic hulls. Modern ultrasonic systems are quite advanced, offering a wide variety of features even in the entry models.

Ultrasonic antifouling is the best choice for those boat owners that appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of their antifouling solution. The drawback is the price, as well as some work needed with installation. But those problems are easily forgotten considering all the advantages of an efficient, long-lasting antifouling system.

Antifouling paints

Antifouling paints are frequently used in conjunction with electronic antifouling systems, but can also be applied separately. It’s a great solution for smaller boats and those boats that don’t offer suitable hull for electronic systems. In combination, the solution offers impressive results, but modern antifouling paints are also very convincing on their own and are not likely to disappear from the market anytime soon.