Rafting Soča

The Soča River

The Soča River is attractive in many ways for many different kinds of visitors. The first thig to notice and mention is definitely it’s unique color, which compliments the surroundings of the Julian Alps. The river’s color can be best described as emerald, but it fluctuates between green and blue, offering great views in different parts and different times of the year.

While the river is extremely popular among the photographers and other visitors that want to see it with their own eyes, it’s also the perfect destination for adventurers, that will take advantage of other properties of the river. It offers great conditions for several adrenaline sports that have to do with water!

There is one prominent activity that you can’t miss – that’s rafting. Soča is immensely popular among those that want to experience floating down the rapids in an inflatable boat. The experiences with this can be very varied, but overwhelmingly positive. The tourism providers organize guided tours with different difficulties and durations on different parts of the river. For rafting, Soča offers the best conditions in the upper part, around the town Bovec, which is also a well-developed base of many visitors that are interested in rafting. Soča gets progressively wider and slower later on, so it’s good to take advantage of the dynamic flow in the upper part.

There are also other activities that are not directly connected to the river itself, for example canyoning. Bovec, Slovenia, is the perfect starting point for this as well. You have to have good environment for thrilling and entertaining canyoning, Bovec, Slovenia, offers exactly that. Not on the Soča River, but in the canyons of its tributaries. Smaller streams are even more attractive for canyoning – Bovec, Slovenia, can offer narrow canyons and challenging obstacles for an unforgettable canyoning experience.