Soca rafting

Ideal options for rafting and canyoning

Rafting and canyoning have something in common. Yes, both are exciting outdoor adventures, but they also both drastically depend on the environment. You can’t imagine canyoning if you don’t have a suitable canyon, just as you can’t really enjoy rafting if you’re just floating down a boring river. If you want to make the most out of your free time, choose the right spot for these kinds of activities.

The best rafting is found on exciting and dynamic rivers. One of the most popular attractions is the Soca river, which is admired by all kinds of tourists, especially by adventurers that see the potential for outdoor activities. Soca rafting enjoys the advantages of the ideal environment. Not only the scenery, which is breath-taking, but also the properties of the river itself. That’s why Soca rafting is so attractive, it offers a wide variety of experiences based on which part of the river you choose. Local tourist agencies open up a whole spectrum of options so everyone can enjoy Soca rafting. The most popular starting point for rafting is Bovec, but other towns can also offer a great experience.

Bovec is also a great choice for other activities, for example canyoning. Bovec is located on the riverbanks in the vicinity of many smaller tributaries of the Soca river. This means there are several attractive canyons, surrounded by the untamed nature. Canyoning Bovec is a unique experience that will impress even the most daring adventurers. The environment is ideal – the nature is unspoilt, the smaller tributaries of the Soca river are not massively visited, but the professional guides still ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. No wonder there is a steep increase in the popularity of canyoning. Bovec with its offer is very attractive both for beginners and experienced adventurers.