soca river kayak

Our backpacking trip to Slovenia

This summer we decided to head to one of the smallest countries in Europe – Slovenia. My friend Martina spent a week there last spring and would not stop talking about how wonderful the whole experience was. She said that the country is beautiful, filled with natural treasures, and it’s easy to see all of the important landmarks in just a few days. After hearing so much praise, especially from Martina, who is not the most spontaneous and laid-back traveller in the world, we definitely wanted to experience it ourselves.

Ljubljana, the capital

Our first stop in Slovenia was its capital city, Ljubljana, since it’s close to the airport. Ljubljana is simply wonderful, the old city centre is closed for traffic and pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy the city in peace. We wandered around for a while, sat down by the river and enjoyed the sun. The main destinations of our walking trip were the castle on the top of the hill, Tivoli park and old town centre. The centre is absolutely packed with small restaurants and wine bars. Sitting by the river with a glass of excellent wine was a fantastic ending to a great day.

Adventures in Bovec

We used public transport on our way to Bovec, in the North of the country. We took the bus, as it takes about four hours to get there. It seems like Bovec, a small country town, is hidden form the world, and the nature there is absolutely beautiful. Our main plan was to enjoy the nature, so we booked a hydrospeed Bovec adventure. It is an adrenaline experience in pristine nature. We strongly recommend active holidays in Bovec, as everyone can find a suitable activity. On Soca River, kayak is one of the most peaceful activities, while hydrospeed Bovec is a more active experience, that requires you to be in shape. We stayed in Bovec for one night in a hostel. In the evening we enjoyed the peaceful nature, very different from hectic life in a big city where we live and work.