Canyoning Soca River

The popular activities on the Soca River

What is the Soca River famous for? Beside its mesmerizing emerald color and fascinating history, it has to be adrenaline activities organized in, on, by, and above the water. The most popular of these attract visitors from all parts of Europe and even from farther away, so you know they are worth checking out.

The most popular is Soca rafting. Slovenia offers several rivers suitable for rafting, but Soca is definitely the best and most popular choice. And there is a lot of Soca rafting – Slovenia shares the river with Italy, but keeps the best parts, especially the upper part soon after the source. The characteristic rapids and dynamic stretches are ideal for rafting and kayaking, as well as for various other activities. And it’s exactly rafting and kayaking that are consistently among the most popular activities on the river. This is the place to be – with Soca rafting, Slovenia becomes an attractive destination for all kinds of visitors, from beginners to experienced sailors looking for a new challenge.

There are other popular activities, for example canyoning. Soca River is the perfect environment for that as well, with all the hidden nooks and crannies in the canyons of its tributaries. The river itself is not very suitable for canyoning, Soca River is too wide and deep in most parts, not really offering any interesting challenges that would be attractive for adventurers on foot. There is a part of the river that carves through a relatively narrow canyon, but there are still a lot of better spots for canyoning – Soca River still helps, though, as it offers several attractive tributaries that offer much better conditions. It’s still possible to enjoy amazing qualities of the environment without actually staying on the river, which is perfect news for those seeking canyoning.